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The jewel case is the original compact disc packaging form and has been used since the CD was first introduced in 1982.

The jewel case is a three-piece plastic case made from injection-moulded polystyrene, measuring 5.59 x 4.92 x 0.39 inches.

It usually contains a compact disc along with a booklet or folder and an inlay card. Two opposing transparent halves are hinged together to form the casing, the back half holding a media tray that grips the disc through its hole.

Jewel cases are commonly used for, but not limited to CD album releases.


1 disc | Booklet and Inlay

A selection of booklet options
Tray options

4 page booklet

6 page roll-fold booklet

8 page booklet

12 page booklet

Clear tray

Black tray

White tray

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