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Multiway jewel cases are used for multiple disc CD sets and are a durable way of packaging CDs or DVDs in sets of 3 - 6 discs.

This case is a five-piece plastic case made from injection-molded polystyrene. It also has the same outside measurements as 2 original jewel cases and is therefore compatible with existing retail shelving, displays and other jewel case storage and handling systems.

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3 to 6 discs | 2 inlays and booklet

Multiway print

The normal printed paper parts for a multiway box are 2 standard jewel case inlays, these insert into the front and back of the case. Some customers also like to include an additional booklet.

A selection of popular booklet options

4 page booklet

6 page roll-fold booklet

12 page booklet

8 page booklet

Popular Additions

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