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The super jewel box was developed to offer an alternative to the original CD jewel case. It boasts thicker plastic all around and a locking clasp for increased durability and disc protection. Rounded corners give the case a more modern appearance.

The super jewel case can hold up to 2 discs on a single hub.

It also has the same outside measurements as the original jewel case and is therefore compatible with existing retail shelving, displays, and other jewel case storage and handling systems.


1 or 2 discs | Booklet and Inlay

Jewel Case vs Super Jewel Case

Why go Super?
Super Jewel Cases offer many improvements over the old jewel case, such as a new hub for one or two discs, rounded corners, stronger hinges, a new locking clasp, visibility to graphics on all four spines, and much great durability

A selection of popular booklet options

4 page booklet

6 page roll-fold booklet

8 page booklet

12 page booklet

Popular Additions

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